Erin Burnett Comments Stir Debate

Hey folks, let’s talk about the media frenzy that’s erupted after Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance. The media is in shock, and many are saying this could be the final nail in the coffin for Biden’s 2024 campaign.

It was a painful 90 minutes where Biden appeared aloof, mentally slow, and unable to defend his agenda or effectively counter Trump’s attacks. This debate seemed to confirm every concern about his physical and mental health for all to see.

There’s a buzz on social media, especially after a clip from CNN host Erin Burnett went viral. She seemed to hint that the Biden camp had the debate questions in advance. Burnett said, “He knows every one of these questions is coming, and yet he couldn’t fill the time.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen such allegations. Back in 2016, then-CNN commentator Donna Brazile was caught feeding Hillary Clinton’s campaign debate questions, which led to Brazile’s resignation from CNN.

Biden’s performance, despite a week of preparation, was lackluster at best. His flub on the abortion question was particularly glaring. If he did have the questions in advance and still delivered such a performance, it raises serious questions about his candidacy. Some are even suggesting that it’s time to consider replacing him on the ticket, though that’s still a contentious issue.

As things stand, Trump seems to have the upper hand. His strong debate performance has dealt a significant blow to Biden’s campaign. Whether or not the rumors about pre-fed questions are true, the debate was a pivotal moment, and it didn’t go in Biden’s favor. Stay tuned because this political drama is far from over!