Elon Musk Having a Ball with Woke Actress Alyssa Milano – Watch

For those of us who need some more on the story of Elon Musk versus Alyssa Milano, take a look at this recent interaction.

You remember the “woke” actress made the virtue signal move of returning her Tesla and buying a Volkswagen electric vehicle instead. She did this so that she could “champion” free speech by abandoning any connection with Twitter. 

Nobody should mention that she dissed Musk by getting a car from a company that had been founded by opponents of free speech, the Nazis. Maybe she just didn’t know that Volkswagen used concentration camp labor to help build their cars. She probably thought the VW stood for something like “very woke.”

And she must have forgotten how much she used to admire Musk for promoting electric vehicles. One person posted on Twitter, “Before it became trendy to hate Elon Musk, Alyssa Milano was his greatest fan. Why are people like this?”

Musk responded to that quote, “Good Question.” And then he followed that post with, “Seems like NPC to PC ratio is super high!”

His reference to NPC meant “Non-player character,” and meant that they can’t think for themselves and just go along with whatever the latest trend is. 

Milano is a good example of someone who goes along with whatever the latest “woke” thing is. Actor James Woods noted that she needed some history lessons and that she hadn’t really assimilated any science lessons. 

Woods posted this, “The person wearing this crocheted toilet seat cover on her face needs a few history lessons. The science lessons would clearly be a waste of time.”

No one can deny that Musk has brought a whole lot of fun back to Twitter. CBS ran away and the came back within a matter of days with their tails between their liberal legs. 

Never Trumper George Conway, Kellyanne’s husband, made a big pronouncement about leaving, but he still posts on the site. 

Stay tuned for the next episode of “Liberal Tantrums on Twitter.”