Emmy Winning Reporter Barred! Labeled ‘Nazi’ By Dem Gov Over Dispute

We are losing our civil liberties and Democrat Governors are using every form of tyranny to stop opposition to their new found power. In New Jersey Police are arresting gym members in the parking lot, in Oregon State officials sent a Child Protection Agent to a salon owners home, and in Chicago Governor Pritzker barred a report from his press briefings.

Amy Jacobson is an Emmy Award-winning journalist at Chicago’s Morning answer AM560. Earlier this month Jacobson attended a rally and condemned two signs she witnesses, note these type signs are at every leftist rally since President Trump was inaugurated.

Now the high and mighty billionaire Governor Pritzker will not allow Jacobson to attend his daily press briefings because she is a “Nazi.”

On Monday Jacobson posted a letter she received from Jordan Abudayyeh, Pritzker’s press secretary.

The letter said:


This weekend you attended and spoke at a political rally to fire up the crowd opposing the Governor’s policies to combat COVID-19. That rally was attended by people holding hateful Nazi imagery. An impartial journalist would have not attended that rally in that capacity and therefore you no longer be invited to participate as an impartial journalist.

As a former journalist myself, I have the utmost respect for journalists who do the tough work to hold public officials accountable while preserving the unbiased coverage we all rely on.

Thank you,


Let that be a lesson to all you journalists out there, if you disagree with Pritzker you are a Nazi and you will be barred from the press briefings. If President Trump applied the same standard to the White House press core Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany would be taking questions in an empty room.

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