Enough Is Enough! Even Dems Start Turning On Tyrannical Governor Whitmer (VIDEO)

As protests grow Governor Whitmer continues to threaten Michiganders that if they don’t fall in line and agree with her she will lengthen the shutdown.

A top Democrat in an important swing county in Michigan has had enough and is calling on Whitmer to cool it.

WDIV reports:

Mark Hackel, the elected county executive, told WDIV that Whitmer needs to “ease up” on her executive orders keeping much of the state shuttered and many Michiganders out of work.

WDIV reporter Rod Meloni said the state’s goal was to “flatten the curve,” which has been done.

“And now the goal post has been moved to something he doesn’t even recognize,” Meloni said of Hackel.

“Why are we still pushing forward with this nonessential opening in a slow, progressive sort of way?” Hackel said.

According to Local 4, Hackel was “unimpressed” with Whitmer’s six-stage reopening plan.

“Let’s be honest, once it came out, nobody paid attention to it or is looking at it anymore,” he said.

Hackel said he gets many calls from business owners who are confused by the multi-step chart and just want to know when they can reopen.

He wondered exactly what data Whitmer is using to make her decisions.

“What is it we’re looking for?” he said. “What is the number? Is there a percentage? Is there a percentage less of people getting sick?”

“I don’t think anybody has that answer,” he said.

Meloni said that Hackel “wants to be very clear that the state can open safely.”

“They want to do it. They want to do it now,” Meloni said.

Earlier this week, Detroit state Rep. Leslie Love (D) also criticized Whitmer’s nursing home policy that required seniors positive for the Wuhan virus to remain in the facility.

“To return seniors into an environment, seniors with the virus still recovering from the virus, into an environment with, well, seniors, just didn’t seem — it’s not a good idea,” Love said.

That would break my heart because I’ve been on the front lines of this, trying to make sure our seniors — my mother, your mother, anybody else’s mother — does not get sick and die from this, particularly if they’re in a nursing home,” she added.

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