Evidence Is Growing That Tulsa Arena Management May Have Sabotaged the Tulsa Trump Rally

An article was published a few days ago from an anonymous attendee at the Tulsa Trump rally is claiming that the management for the BOK Center In Tulsa, Oklahoma sabotaged the rally.

Originally the fire marshal and arena management said attendance was just over 6,000 while the Trump campaign claimed 12,000 had cleared metal detectors.

Allegations made in a piece published by Armstrong Economics on June 25th claim that before the rally BOK Center staff had placed stickers on every other seat in the arena attempting to cut the attendance of the 19,1999 seat arena in half. That report was corroborated this past weekend when Billboard and the Washington Post reported on the stickers complaining that Trump campaign workers were trying to peel off the stickers before the rally.

From Billboard:

Hours before President Donald Trump took the stage last Saturday at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for his first rally in the COVID-19 era, arena workers were busy labeling thousands of seats with “Do Not Sit Here Please!” stickers to promote social distancing, part of a new safety protocol at the arena known as VenueShield.

Campaign staff quickly radioed over to an executive at ASM Global and asked the arena to stop labeling the seats. In fact, “they also told us that they didn’t want any signs posted saying we should social distance in the venue,” says Doug Thornton, executive vp for ASM Global, who oversees nearly 100 arenas across five continents for the venue management company created by the 2019 merger of AEG and SMG.

Other allegations have surfaced that BOK Center temperature screeners were told to leave early making it impossible for rally attendees to get the green wristbands required by Secret Service metal detectors to gain entry into the arena or the overflow stage that was set up.

These allegations seem to fit with a celebratory tweet from Jay Marciano, head of the management company for the BOK Center, “Lying Don’s show in Tulsa is a big fat STIFF! There are only 6624 people in the arena. So much for “There were requests for 1 million.” Total lies. Are we surprised??”

The Washington Post reported that the BOK Center had purchased 12,000 stickers to block off seats which would have dropped the attendance of the rally down to 7,000 people.

Which also corroborates some of the claims made by the anonymous man who wrote the excerpt the Armstong Economics piece:

I looked over at the screening area and told my wife- something fishy is gong on- 2 hours before the rally – the screeners have left. I told her- no one can get to the stage/overflow area or the BOK center with the “temperature screeners” gone. It is like the people that collect tickets say- I am done we are leaving.

They left their posts and from what I am learning- thousands could not get in to the first checkpoint because the temperature screeners had to put green wrist band on you to gain access to the Secret Service security checkpoint. No green band— no entry to the security check point.

I think the BOK management told the screeners – we have reached the capacity for what we are letting into the BOK center, so shut down- do not allow the other Trump supporters to get a temperature check and no more green wrist bands. Do not issue green wrist bands so they can get into the holding area to see the stage for the outdoor Trump Rally.

It was all a setup to make it look like the crowds did not show up. The crowds DID show up and after 5pm,- 2 hours before the event- no one was there to let them get to security…