Evil! Pelosi Flat Out Says No More Small Business Aid, Elites Aid Attack Smearing Business Owners

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flat out said that there is no more need to help small businesses get through the pandemic and that Senator Mitch McConnell was pulling a “stunt.”

On Thursday, Senate McConnell attempted to pass a billon providing an additional $250 billion funds to the Pay Check Protection plan for small businesses. McConnell cited that in the first few days the bill was available 30% of the funds were gone.

The Trump administration originally requested the additional funding to ward off the possibility of an emergency however, Democrats blocked the bill, submitting their own bill that totaled $500 billion and included aid for state and local governments.

During her weekly press conference the wicked witch of the west, Pelosi, called McConnell’s request a “stunt on the floor of the Senate” and says there is “no data as to why we need it.”

Right on cue, liberal elites attack the backbone of the economy.