FAA Debunks Gov. Whitmer Claims, Florida Trip Scandal Continues To Unravel

Another tyrannical Democrat Governor has found themself in hot water. 

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer story trying to explain her secret trip Florida is crumbling. Chief of Staff for Whitmer, Joanne Huls made things worse when she claimed that Whitmer’s flight to Florida was funded by a dark money 501(c)(4) group. 

Local reporters found that the roundtrip of the private flight to Florida cost $27,521, Whitmer only paid $855 for her seat. 

In a memo that later went public, Huls said Whitmer’s office “made a decision to use a chartered flight for this trip” because of security concerns. However, Whitmer’s office never notified Florida law enforcement she was visiting and the trip came when she told Michiganders not to travel to Florida. 

“The cost to charter the flight was paid for by the Michigan Transition 2019,” the political nonprofit set up to accept anonymous donations for her inauguration, Huls said.

Spokeswoman for the FAA, Elizabeth Isham Cory, told the Detroit Free Press “companies that operate charter flights must have a Part 135 certificate” from the agency.

Air Eagle, LLC, a company owned by three Detroit-area businessmen, “does not have a Part 135 certificate,” according to Cory.

Whitmer’s original story was that she was traveling strictly to visit her ailing father, who was staying at his property in West Palm Beach. 

“I’ve said everything I am going to say about my trip to go check on my father,” Whitmer told a 9&10 News journalist when questions persisted. “It was a quick trip. It was an important family reason for doing it. And I have nothing to add.”

“I showed up when I was needed. I did a lot of cooking, a lot of cleaning,” Whitmer said last week.

“When you’re the governor of Michigan, you’re always on the clock, but it does not mean that you’re not also a daughter who shows up when a family member needs her,” she said.

However how Whitmer got there is raising a ton of eyebrows after her office claimed her 501(c)(4) organization paid for the flight, which would have required organization-related activity to do so. 

Michigan Rising Action reported that if Whitmer used those funds for personal use she’s got a lot of explaining to do. 

“501(c)(4) groups are social welfare organizations and are not allowed to pay for personal expenses for officials,” the group — itself a 501(c)(4) group — said in a news release.

“Today’s revelations that Whitmer’s non-profit paid for her personal trip to Florida is shady and makes it clear why she tried to hide the trip and cover up who paid,” Tori Sachs, Michigan Rising Action’s former executive director, said Friday.

“Either Whitmer’s Florida trip was for a legitimate 501(c)(4) purpose, in which case the c4 could pay for it, or it was personal, in which case a c4 can’t pay for it. Whitmer’s personal use of her 501(c)(4) account funds must be investigated. ”

Detroit Free Press