Facebook Interferes To Try & Save Gov. Newsom, Stifles Recall Effort

The social media giant Facebook has jumped in to try and save California Governor Gavin Newsom from facing a possible recall election.

According to Car DeMaio, chairman for Reform California, a group circulating petitions to recall Newsom Facebook is no longer allowing them to run ads. The social media giant informed the group they will no longer be able to run ads due to the unrest that took place on January 6th at the Capitol.

As of the writing of this post Reform California has still not been allowed to run ads. Facebook has prohibited political ads since Nov 3rd but did allow political ads in Georgia during the runoff. The company not allowing organizers to run ads during the recall is election interference.

Governors in California often receive threats over recall but Newsom’s is gaining steam. Organizers have already collected 1.3 million of the 1.5 million signatures needed to recall the governor. Many organizers feel they will need up to 2 million to safely get through the verification process however, they have until March 17.

Only time Democrats seem to care about signature verifications is when one of them is in danger of losing their jobs. 

“During moments of crisis, people need strong, solid leadership, and this governor does not offer that. And the people have lost confidence in his ability to lead,” said the recall’s founder Orrin Heatlie, a retired sheriff’s sergeant.

Should organizers get through the verification process and get enough signatures needed to recall Newsom a special election would take place within 60 to 80 days.

“The recall is having dividends right now in forcing Newsom back away from what many Californians feel are arbitrary, unscientific, punitive policies,” said Carl DeMaio, founder of the pro-recall Reform California organization.

California Democrat head Rusty Hicks claimed that only fringe elements want Newsom recalled and tried to compared them to the unrest at the US Capitol; he was forced to walk back those comments.

“The recall wouldn’t have this much momentum if it was just fringe,” said one Republican strategist in California. “Nobody, even Republicans, should hope that Gavin fails at this. We all want him to succeed in addressing this pandemic and doing the right thing and keeping people safe. But unfortunately he just hasn’t.”

It appears that not even his buddies at Facebook can help Newsom.

CBS News | Red State