Latest ‘Fact Check’ Of Trump Jr May Be The Most Insane & Egregious One Yet

On May 24, 2022, Donald Trump Jr. posted the video of conservative journalist Jack Posobiec being detained by World Economic Forum police.

We previously, reported that Posobiec and his staff were detained for almost an hour by  World Economic Forum police officers (yes that is a thing look at their patches) armed with MP5s.

Several times police demanded that Posobiec and his crew stop filming them but they refused. The authorities wouldn’t give the conservative journalist a reason for them being detained but left after an hour of harassment.

Below is the video and take a close look at the patches of the armed law enforcement officers.

Here’s another angle of the video above.

Below are still images showing the patches on the officer’s uniforms, you’ll notice they say World Economic Forum Police.

After the video went viral the “fact-checking” website Politifact claimed that “No, Jack Posobiec was not arrested or detained in Davos.”


Politifact said that Posobiec was not detained citing a World Economic Forum police officer comment.

“This news is fake!” wrote Markus Walser, a spokesperson for police from the Grisons canton, or district, where the World Economic Forum is held. Police in the Grisons canton did not arrest any journalist in Davos, Walser said.

When asked if Posobiec was detained, Walser said it’s clear from the video that he was not.

However, Politifact’s own reporting says the conservative journalist was detained.

From Politifact:

In the footage, Posobiec was on the patio outside a restaurant and initially appeared to be speaking with uniformed police officers and other people wearing plain clothes who are not identified. Then, a person off camera began questioning the officers about why they were “detaining” Posobiec, and the remainder of the video was focused on the interaction between the person off camera and the authorities.

The officers did not provide a reason why police were talking with Posobiec. In the footage, Posobiec was not physically restrained.

He wasn’t “restrained” but was surrounded by officers armed with MP5s.

Posobiec responded to Politi-fact who never contacted him for a statement before publishing his report.