Fail: Bloomberg Caught Trying To Use Pics From The Obama Era to Attack Trump

Former New York City mayor and Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has once again been caught lying in another ad attacking President Trump.

The campaign ad launched by Bloomberg was supposed to have highlighted the failures of the Trump administration. The ad showed the march in Charlottesville, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh hearings, school shootings, and immigration.

Here was the ad:

The ad stated, “America demanded change and change is what we got,” then showed footage of caged migrants in border patrol agents.

The Daily Caller News Foundation found that the images used of people in cages occurred during the Obama Administration.

The Daily Caller reported:

“The DCNF compared this image to a photo taken by Ross D. Franklin for The Associated Press in June 2014. The picture, which the DCNF obtained from Getty Images, was taken inside a Customs and Border Protection facility in Nogales, Arizona.

The crossed legs of the individual laying down in the Bloomberg photo is the same as the crossed-legged individual seen in the middle of Franklin’s photo. The placing of the three mats near the head of the individual are stacked in the exact same position, as well.”

Spokeswoman Julie Wood for the Bloomberg campaign has refused to give a comment to the Daily Caller.

This is not the first time these Obama-era images have been attributed to President Trump Administration. In July of 2019, House Democrats on the House Oversight Committee tweeted out the same image, however, after receiving a ton of backlash deleted the tweet. Then, the Oversight Committee posted another tweet with a different image that also occurred during the Obama Administration. According to the Associated Press Democrats deleted that tweet as well.

Daily Caller