Fauci Inadvertently Outs Dems Exposes COVID Lie They Spread About Trump

The Fauci emails are uncovering a lot and one of them Inadvertently Exposes A Lie Dems And Media Spread About President Trump.

As quickly as the coronavirus swept through the country in March the press and Democrats were hammering President Trump for not using the Defense Production Act.

It was all fake news, in an email from Dr. Fauci dated March 19, 2020 he expressed his frustration with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis however detailed that Trump was already using the Defense Production Act to get PPE to the states immediately.

Fauci wrote on March 19, 2020:

“Doug, thanks for the note. I have pushed hard on PPEs and as you may know, the POTUS[President Trump] has involved the Department of Defense to provide 5 million N-95 respirators.”

The announcement was also buried in a March 18, 2020 article from (of all places) CNN. Who reported that President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act to expand production of hospital masks and more.

That didn’t stop NPR from writing this on March 25, 2020:

The Trump administration has so far resisted calls to use a Cold War-era law to help fill gaps in medical supplies that are badly needed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Many governors and health officials have been pleading with President Trump to use his authority under the Defense Production Act to get the federal government more directly involved in the buying and distribution of items like ventilators and face masks.

This announcement on March 19, 2020 from Nancy Pelosi:

“The President must immediately use the powers of the Defense Production Act to mass produce and coordinate distribution of these critical supplies, before the need worsens and the shortages become even more dire.  There is not a day to lose.  We must put more testing, more protective equipment and more ventilators into the hands of our frontline workers immediately.”

It didn’t stop the New York Times from writing this on March 31, 2020 either:

Yet as governors and members of Congress plead with the president to use the law to force the production of ventilators and other medical equipment to combat the coronavirus pandemic, he has for weeks treated it like a “break the glass” last resort, to be invoked only when all else fails.

I could go on.

Trump invoked the Defense Production Act on March 18, 2020 but that didn’t stop the Pelosi and the media for lying about it days, weeks, and months after.