Fed Economist Comments On Trump

A recent undercover investigation has uncovered disturbing remarks made by a Federal Reserve economist, Aurel Hizmo.

In the shocking video, Hizmo can be seen on a series of pseudo-dates with an undercover reporter, who was posing as a potential love interest. During their conversations, Hizmo revealed his opinions on former President Donald Trump and the role of the Federal Reserve in his presidency.

Hizmo was caught on camera saying that the Federal Reserve intentionally worked against President Trump and is prepared to do so again if he runs for office in 2024. He even went as far as to call the former president “crazy” and a “dumb guy.” This blatant bias against a sitting president is deeply concerning.

Furthermore, Hizmo stated that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell despised President Trump and saw himself as a “savior” for going against his policies. This suggests that Powell was motivated more by personal grudges than by the well-being of the country.

With such biased individuals in positions of power, it is no wonder that the Federal Reserve’s actions have often been at odds with President Trump’s policies, hindering his efforts to boost the economy.

What is truly alarming is Hizmo’s admission that the Federal Reserve will intervene if President Trump “messes up” again. This implies that they are willing to manipulate the economy for political gain, rather than maintaining a stable financial system for the American people. This is a dangerous precedent and goes against the very purpose of the Federal Reserve.

It is evident that the Federal Reserve has become a political entity instead of an independent and impartial institution. This is evident in its shift towards focusing on “equity” issues and climate change rather than its primary duty of maintaining monetary stability. These actions are clear attempts to align itself with the Democratic party’s agenda and further undermine President Trump’s policies.

It is concerning that the Federal Reserve has such a lack of respect for the democratic process and the will of the American people. The fact that they are actively working against a democratically elected president is a disservice to our nation and its citizens. The American people deserve an unbiased and impartial Federal Reserve that prioritizes the country’s well-being, not political agendas.