Fetterman Forced Into a Debate Dr. Oz…His Team Let Out a Crazy Memo – Watch

Pennsylvania Senate candidate, John Fetterman, was backed into a corner regarding having a debate with his Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz. It is finally going to take place on October 25, but a whole lot of people will have already voted by then through early voting. 

The state Democratic Party probably did not want to put him under that kind of spotlight because of the gaffes he has already made that have caused this race to be tight as we approach the finish line. Oz had been losing by double digits, but now the race is neck and neck. 

It seemed like the strategy for Fetterman’s team was to keep him hidden, but it proved not to work. 

The latest poll is revealing that Oz might be ahead by 4.5 points. That poll was from Wick and it has Oz ahead with 49.1 percent to Fetterman’s 44.6 percent. And among those who still say that they are undecided, Oz is leading by a total of 59 percent to 41 percent. 

In the RealClearPolitics average, Fetterman is still ahead by 2.2 percent. But no one is doubting whether Oz can win this race. 

So the Democrats are forced to just play down any expectations for Fetterman in the upcoming debate. This became clear through a memo that was just released to the media. 

The memo makes it clear that the media should be told that Dr. Oz has been “a professional TV personality for the last two decades” and “this isn’t John’s format.” 

But the truth is that no one has seemed to find exactly what Fetterman’s “format” really is. He has messed up in so many different “formats.”

So all they can do is talk about how Fetterman is coming into the debate with a “huge built-in advantage.”

The advantage that Dr. Oz has is that he is smarter than Fetterman.