Fetterman Meets Press for Debt Ceiling Talk in Hoodie and Gym Shorts – VIDEO

It’s hard to imagine what is going on with those who are responsible for Sen. John Fetterman’s work and public identity. Fetterman’s team, his wife, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media are putting him in positions that are just plain wrong.

Earlier this week, a Washington Post journalist admitted to publishing a false quote from Fetterman. When confronted, however, WaPo economics reporter Jeff Stein deleted the tweet with the quote and then later admitted that he used a quote that came directly from the Senator’s office without bothering to a) attribute it to the office and b) check it against the actual video.

When the real quote was played, it was simply embarrassing for Fetterman.

And now the senator showed up to a debt ceiling press conference clad in a hooded sweatshirt and gym shorts. He took his turn again to speak before the cameras and stumbled through how negotiations should take place and  how he supports Joe Biden invoking the 14th Amendment in the event he feels it is necessary.

It was painful to watch. To Fetterman’s left was Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and to his right was Sen. Peter Welch (D-Vt.). It seemed clear that Sen. Markey in particular closely monitors what Fetterman is reading from his statement to make sure he doesn’t go off script.

Now it is just said to see Fetterman still having health complications that arose from the stroke Fetterman suffered in May 2022 right before the Democratic primary. The question that looms is why are those around the senator gaslighting the situation?

It’s no wonder Fetterman had to be treated in a hospital for depression. Can you imagine the kind of pressure he is under day to day?

How far are his handlers willing to go with this before someone in the mainstream press dares to ask the inconvenient questions that should be asked right now but aren’t?