Florida GOP Betray The 2nd Amendment And Look To Pass Sweeping Gun Control Laws

If you thought it was Virginia Democrat carrying the torch to take our 2nd Amendment Rights away you are wrong. Look no further than Republicans in Florida, yes that’s right…Florida.

You would think Florida would pass tougher anti-crime laws but no, they have unanimously passed in committee SB 7028 which is a bill that will wrap private gun sales in a massive amount of red tape.

Conservative Review unmasks the “Republican” behind the charge:

The mastermind of the bill is Senate President Bill Galvano, the lead Republican in the state Senate. Galvano proudly accepted $500,000 from Mike Bloomberg’s anti-Second Amendment political action committee to promote gun control on his behalf in the Sunshine State.

The bill, now headed to the judiciary committee, also contains a provision requiring private gun owners to secure guns in their own homes against children under 18, raising that age from 16 under current law.

In case you had hoped the bill would die in the Florida judiciary committee Galvano appointed Tom Lee to chair the judiciary committee. Lee is also fighting Governor Ron DeSanti’s bill that would require mandatory use of E-Verify, which would ensure that federal law barring illegal aliens from working in the U.S. is enforced.

Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review is also concerned because Florida Senate Republicans are stronger on gun control than crime.

There’s an even deeper irony to the Florida Senate GOP’s liberal dichotomy of acting tough on guns and weak on the violent criminals most likely to harm people with them. All these gun control measures that have passed and have been considered in Tallahassee over the past two years are in reaction to the Parkland shooting at the Stoneman Douglas high school. Yet that horrific atrocity, at its core, was not about guns; it was about the so-called criminal justice reform agenda, designed to ensure that we do everything possible to avoid jail time for violent criminals, especially juveniles.

Ironically, Sen. Tom Lee was the only Republican to vote to have him reinstated.

We must be vigilant and make sure we understand just because are elected officials are Republicans, we know who they are and who they take money from.

If you think this is outrageous Don Lemon and company on CNN were downright vile in the way they spoke about Trump supporters, and Hunter Biden slithers out of disclosing his financial information in court.

Conservative Review