Florida Governor Of FIRE!! Hammers Media Over Re-Opening, ‘Has The Drive-By Smear Been…’

Look out the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis was on fire hammering the out of state media.

“In mid-April, out-of-state media had a spasm because Duval County opened its beaches for recreational use. Now 17 days later, have the fears of this drive-by smear against Floridians been realized?”

DeSantis was touting that his State has responsibly and slowly started to reopen.

On Wednesday, DeSantis hammered China after he announced his new COVID-19 antibody testing plan and PPE program for health care workers. The announcement was made in the Miami-Dade area, the area has been hit the hardest in Florida by the virus.

The Miami Herald reports:

He also introduced the state’s first mobile testing lab, which will process 500 COVID-19 tests per day using a 45-minute rapid Cepheid swab test. The mobile lab is outfitted by StatLab Mobile, a Miami-based blood testing company, and will start testing residents and staff at long-term care facilities in the county.

Cepheid tests involve taking a swab sample and inserting it into a special cartridge that already has reagents that test for COVID-19.

The technology had been used in mobile HIV testing in the past, and has been repurposed to do testing for COVID-19, Jared Moskowitz, director of Florida’s Division of Emergency Management, said Wednesday.

The mobile lab strategy is to build a “hub and spoke model” where the lab sets up in an area near multiple long-term care facilities, DeSantis said. The lab will be operated by 10 National Guardsmen and 10 contracted nurses.

Governor DeSantis also elaborated on his new antibody drive-thru testing sites for first responders and healthcare workers. The governor is also working with blood donation centers to get an idea of how many Floridians have COVID-19 antibodies.

What DeSantis revealed on Wednesday is a very different picture than what the mainstream media.

Miami Herald