Florida Reporter Caught on Hot Mic Aimed to Make DeSantis Uncomfortable – Watch

Everyone knows that the liberal media can’t stand a Republican as popular as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. And we know that often the media works with real scruples, and what just happened in Florida is a case in point. 

A reporter based out of Florida was caught on a hot mic just before a Tuesday press conference with the governor. She explained that her job was to make DeSantis “uncomfortable.”

Atyia Collins is a reporter for First Coast News, she could be heard on her mic talking with others before the event started.

“My job here is to ask tough questions and make him uncomfortable, I guess. I’m gonna try! Gonna try to at least get one,” Collins said. She added that she planned to run up to the stage and yell questions at him.

Some of the governor’s team took issue with her plan of action. She did in fact act DeSantis a misleading question about the state’s attempt to ensure pornography is not available to school children. 

After the event, Collins tweeted about the press conference but she soon locked the tweet so that users could not comment when she found out that she was the one with the hot mic. 

A supporter of DeSantis wrote that next time Collins is trying to make the governor “uncomfortable,” she should make sure she’s not speaking into a hot mic. 

Another supporter of the governor, Christiana Pushaw, wrote to Collins, ”Hi FCN2go – is it the job of your station to keep the people of Northeast Florida informed about the news in their communities and our state? Or is it to ‘make the governor uncomfortable’ by “rushing up to him when he gets off stage and yelling questions?”

The governor also refuted the false storyline in the media about his “book bans.”

“Florida law prohibits an adult from giving a school child pornography…that’s been the law for a long time. So understand, they’re talking about long standing Florida law that’s trying to protect young children.”