Foreperson of Georgia Grand Jury Against Trump Giggles Through Exclusive Interviews – Watch

The Georgia grand jury that was formed to target former President Donald Trump and his allies has a talker, and the things she is sharing with the media could put the whole case in jeopardy. 

This grand jury focused on supposed election crimes during the 2020 election. Now Emily Kohrs, the foreperson of that grand jury, is speaking out. 

She gave an “exclusive” interview to NBC, but then made it much less “exclusive” when she ran and talked to CNN as well. 

Kohrs testimony in these media appearances came across as immature and someone who was looking for her 15 minutes of fame. So when the press tries to use her “revelations,” it just seems comical. 

You can imagine what Trump’s lawyers are planning to do with this jury member. 

Emily Kohrs sounds like a nervous, teenage girl, and she makes the grand jury in Georgia look like a joke that was propagated by some desperate people looking for a fight in the political arena. 

If this is the kind of person that was allowed onto the grand jury, it says a lot about the prosecution’s legal pursuits. 

It is not so much what Kohrs said, as much as it is how she says it. There is nothing really groundbreaking in her words.

The truth is that it’s probably illegal for her to discuss the grand jury deliberations. She sounds like she’s trying to toe some legal line, but ends up crossing it over and over again. 

Kohrs says that the list of indictments is “very long,” and she also says that Trump was mentioned a lot in the proceedings. 

She also just comes across as self-promoting and she giggles incessantly. She even makes the liberal reporter interviewing her uncomfortable. 

If prosecutors actually decide to take the next step, the defense attorneys, in this case, will be salivating over these interviews.