Forget Waldo, Where’s Joe? What’s Behind Possibly the Most Inaccessible President of All Time?

It’s certainly not uncommon to dog a president for the number of vacations that they take. The truth is that presidents are always accessible no matter where they are or how many vacations they take. They often still make speeches, talk to the press, and do official business while away from the White House.

But let’s get this straight…Joe Biden has been away from the Oval Office more often than not throughout the course of his first term in office. And when he is away, he is completely out of the spotlight, he is inaccessible to the media. This has been especially true for this summer season. 

Let’s break it down. Biden has caught COVID twice. He had to have two rounds of quarantining, and then he went on a vacation. He popped up long enough to sign the misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act,” and then disappeared again in Delaware for some R&R.

Biden went down to South Carolina where he stayed out of the spotlight only to jet back to D.C. to sign another bill; more to the point, another bill that will have no real impact at all on inflation until 2026. It will also likely cause millions of Americans to be audited by the IRS. 

Once that bill was signed, he disappeared again for some family time and was AWOL from the press except for a bike ride and some ice cream.

This has been the pattern for our president since three weeks into his term in office. And this is why people think it must be on purpose due to Biden’s handlers. They want as little media scrutiny on the man as possible to keep him propped up and in office. 

This president has been more tightly controlled than any other.

Gabe Fleisher, an author and editor, said, “Part of what makes this so interesting — it’s undoubtedly been one of the best months of his presidency. Calls to mind the 2020 campaign, which Biden won while staying relatively out of sight. Suggests that Biden is most successful when people mostly don’t see/hear from him.”

Can this continue another two years?