Former AG Barr Throws Shade At Trump’s Legal Team Report Claims He Warned The President, ‘The Stuff These People Are Filling Your Ear With Just Isn’t…

It is being reported that former Attorney General William Barr warned President Trump that his legal team was not being truthful and were tickling his ear with claims that the election was stolen from him. 

In the report, Barr told President Trump that his legal teams theories were “bulls***.” The statement came during a December 1st meeting in a private dining room next to the Oval Office. 

White House counsel Pat Cipollone and other aides were stunned after Barr blurted out his concerns especially after he warned Trump’s new legal team was acting “clownish.” 

Three weeks later Barr announced he is resigning. 

In a report issued by the news organization Axios that has been more critical than favorable of the President’s administration, Barr was warning Trump about his legal team and that their cases weren’t “panning out.” 

From Axios: 

These things aren’t panning out,” Barr told the president, standing beside his chief of staff Will Levi. “The stuff that these people are filling your ear with just isn’t true.” Barr explained that if Trump wanted to contest the election results, the president’s internal campaign lawyers would have to do it.

The Justice Department, he continued, had looked at the major fraud allegations that Trump’s lawyers had leveled. “It’s just bullshit,” Barr told the president. [White House counsel Pat] Cipollone backed up Barr by saying the DOJ was investigating these claims.

According to the report Barr continued. 

“I’m a pretty informed legal observer and I can’t f***ing figure out what the theory is here,” Barr ranted in reference to the claims that Trump’s legal team were making. “It’s just scattershot. It’s all over the hill and gone.”

Axios used the following description to report how it sourced this article and it would seem appear that it was Barr himself and possibly Pat Cipollone:

Our reporting is based on multiple interviews with current and former White House, campaign, government and congressional officials as well as direct eyewitnesses and people close to the president. Sources have been granted anonymity to share sensitive observations or details they would not be formally authorized to disclose. President Trump and other officials to whom quotes and actions have been attributed by others were provided the opportunity to confirm, deny or respond to reporting elements prior to publication.

Even Rush Limbaugh criticized the President’s legal team after their big press conference came up empty. 

“If you’re going to promise blockbuster stuff like that, then there has — now, I understand,” Limbaugh said. “Look, I’m the one that’s been telling everybody, this stuff doesn’t happen at warp speed, light speed, the way cases are made for presentation in court. But if you’re going to do a press conference like that, with the promise of blockbusters, then — then there has to be something more than what that press conference delivered.”

After that press conference the President’s legal team released a statement that Sidney Powell is “practicing law on her own,” and “is not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.” 

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