Former Federal Prosecutor Says Real Issues with Hunter Biden’s Case Being Swept Under Rug

A former federal prosecutor just unloaded on the real concern in the Hunter Biden laptop case that is being swept under the rug. 

Andrew McCarthy, the former federal prosecutor, explained this week that President Joe Biden should be worried about the investigation into his son, Hunter Biden. 

Just last week, the Washington Post reported that federal prosecutors believe there is enough evidence to bring federal criminal charges against the president’s son. 

Hunter would be charged with tax crimes related to his business dealings and also a gun charge for allegedly lying on a federal form when he purchased a firearm while allegedly using illegal drugs. 

While McCarthy was speaking with Fox News, he said that President Biden “should be worried” about the investigation and claimed that the bigger implications of this investigation are not being made public. 

“I think the talk that we are hearing now about the possibility of a disposition of the case with tax charges and maybe the full statement that you refer to could be a choreographed event, where what gets swept under the rug is the thing that is of consequence to the country,” he explained, “which is the fact that foreign regimes, some of them hostile to the United States, such as China, poured millions of dollars, millions into the coffers of the Biden family.”

McCarthy even called it a “mistake” to frame the investigation around Hunter Biden alone. He said that obscures the “fact that these regimes paid millions and millions of dollars into the Biden family and the fact that the president himself is implicated in at least one of those transactions,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy also predicted that Hunter Biden will eventually plead guilty to “trivial counts,” and federal prosecutors will allow it to happen likely when most people in America are focused on something else. 

Things could get interesting though if Republicans really do take over control of the House or Senate. 

“If the Republicans retake at least one house of the Congress, it’s not going to go away because I would expect they are going aggressively investigate the thing that’s of interest in this case, which is not Hunter Biden’s tax matter and it’s not the mishandling of the gun and the false statement that he filed in connection with that— that’s small potatoes,” McCarthy said.

“What matters here is the foreign money that went into the Biden family coffers,” he alleged.