Former Homeland Security Chief Brags How She Helped Sabotage Trump’s Legal Attempt To End DACA

Former Homeland Security Chief, Elaine Duke, bragged to the New York Times that she helped sabotage the President’s attempt to end the DACA program.

Duke claims that her actions weakening the policy that allowed the Supreme Court to rule the President’s actions on DACA were unconstitutional.

She told the Times that in August of 2017, she thought she was attending a meeting to discuss the DACA program however, claims she was “ambushed” by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Stephen Miller.

She says that the two demand she sign a memo ending the program which she claims “reluctantly agreed to” but, wrote it in a language that it was difficult to legally justify.

It seems that she was more upset about not being part of the legislation than DACA being eliminated, “What was missing for me is really that process of discussing it,” she said.

Duke admitted to the Times that the DACA program “is a legal program” but hopes for a bipartisan effort between the two parties.

Duke is a deep stater that has been in Washington for over 30 years and volunteering with an immigrant aid group. She claims she supported the president’s policy to secure the border but didn’t like the President’s “America first” policy.

If this is true this is just another fine example of how former Attorney General Jeff Sessions screwed up again. Just like when he recused himself from Russia hoax investigation he let someone else write the memo to end DACA.

The program is illegal and the memo that ended it should have been written by Sessions himself containing a full brief. Instead, he allowed a deep stater who volunteers her time at an immigration aid group to write the memo that they knew would end up at the Supreme Court.

I believe Jeff Sessions is a really nice man but he really screwed some things up.