Former MSNBC Host Blames Scarborough Losing Her Job

A prominent MSNBC host found herself out of a job in 2022, and now she’s pointing fingers at one of her colleagues for being the reason behind her abrupt exit. Tiffany Cross, who hosted a weekend show on the network, recently launched a podcast where she made explosive allegations against “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough, dubbing him as MSNBC’s “favorite white boy.”

On her new podcast, “Native Land Pod,” co-hosted by Angela Rye and Andrew Gillum, Cross claimed that there was an “unspoken rule” at the network to not disagree with Scarborough, and she didn’t get the memo. According to Cross, she was pushed out for not wanting to spend all her time solely covering former President Donald Trump, as the network allegedly had a “Trump, Trump, Trump” philosophy.

“I wanted to cover things like inhumane treatment in prisons, that’s something that disproportionately impacts my community. Mental health among Black men, the erasure of Afro-Latinos in the Latino community, land battles of the indigenous, Native Americans trying to get their family artifacts back from museums right here in America. Black farmers, reaching Latino voters, things like that,” Cross claimed.

But her desire to cover these topics allegedly clashed with Scarborough’s agenda, and Cross believes he worked behind her back to sabotage her at MSNBC. She also claimed that the network targeted her after a segment on Tucker Carlson’s show, in which he accused her of stoking racial hatred, ultimately leading to her firing.

According to Cross, instead of stating support for Cross, as they had for some of her white colleagues under similar attacks, MSNBC executives instructed her not to respond to Carlson and began scrutinizing her show and writing. She also claimed that the network began attacking her and even planted hit pieces in the press.

“The president of the network began a bizarre, unhinged tour where she was on damage control; I don’t know what she was trying to do,” Cross alleged.

It seems as though there may have been some tension between Cross and other colleagues at MSNBC, especially Scarborough. And while she may believe her firing was unjust, it’s worth noting that Cross’s allegations are just that – allegations. There has been no official statement or confirmation from MSNBC or Scarborough regarding these claims.

But one can’t help but wonder if Cross’s allegations are rooted in fact, as there have been multiple reports of liberal media outlets having a “Trump obsession” and pushing narratives to feed their viewers’ outrage. Could it be possible that Cross’s desire to cover other important topics was seen as a hindrance to the network’s agenda?

Only time will tell if Cross’s claims hold any weight, but one thing is for sure – her sudden departure from MSNBC has raised some eyebrows and left many questions unanswered. As the saying goes, there are two sides to every story, and it will be interesting to see how Scarborough and MSNBC respond to these allegations.