Former NFL Star Post’s An Appalling Message To Iran About Trump

Former NFL defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has gotten himself ino hot water after posting an appalling Instagram post.

The former NFL star requested that Iran only target the White House instead of Americans if they decide to attack.

Haynesworth is not a fan of President Trump and has numerous anti-Trump posts. The post he addressed to Iran showed an aerial view of the White House with a red circle and arrow pointing to the White House.

Haynesworth deleted the post and the following post appeared to address the backlash he received from posting the previous image.

“I deleted the last post because literally you people think I was trying to direct Iran to attack,” Haynesworth wrote. “If that was a serious post which it wasn’t, I would be telling Iran Innocent Americans did not attack you. You are having beef with Donald Trump not innocent Americans! But most of the people that are getting pimped out by Donald Trump definitely don’t have a sense of humor!”

However, the following post was just as bad and sent the same message: “Most of America is not responsible for President Donald Trump’s decision to kill Qassem Soleimani.”

Iran has promised to retaliate over the strike that eliminated Soleimani however, President Trump has stated that any attack by Iran on Americans will be met in a devastating fashion.

First of all, Mr. Haynesworth, you are not funny and it’s not a joke and I hope that the Secret Service shows up at your door. Second, this outcry from Democrats, the media, and whiny liberal Millenials on social media is annoying me. They are making Americans look like cowards and make us look weak. Since the former Obama Administration, the left has pandered to Islamic extremist groups like CAIR and others because I truly think they are afraid of them. You’ve never heard of a left-wing activist walking into a Muslim owned bakery asking them to bake a cake as they do to Christian bakeries.

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