Fox News Can’t Stop The Bleeding They Are Getting Pummeled Everywhere

Since election night and the way the network has been treating members of the President’s staff Fox News ratings have been plummeting everywhere.

On Facebook, Fox News has lost over 200,000 followers, which is a huge amount.

It’s not just on Facebook, since the election Fox New’s Youtube channel has seen a 13% drop in views.

The television ratings have also come out for November 6th and it shows Fox News is getting hammered by MSNBC and CNN for the first time ever.

Fox News is run by rhino’s and just like they’ve always done, they underestimated and betrayed their base. Conservatives aren’t drones like the liberals that tune into CNN and MSNBC for their weekly marching orders. There wasn’t a mass email that went out telling conservatives to stop watching Fox News. Conservatives didn’t get a newsletter providing them with a social media post to put on Facebook to get things trending like we see the left do. Independent thinking conservatives saw what was happening and said, “enough is enough.”

As Fox News declines, Newsmax is gaining steam.

TV ratings for Newsmax have skyrocketed and marquee host Greg Kelly has recently gotten as many as 1 million viewers every night. Those numbers do not reflect the increase in streaming to their programming.

Fox News has been a rating powerhouse for almost 20 years however it is all going up in smoke. In a pathetic attempt to stop the bleeding Fox News has been displaying on the chyrons, “Standing Up For What’s Right.”

Fox News is now in a free fall and they can only blame themselves.