Fox’s Tucker Carlson Reveals Last Ditch Power-play by Democrats – Watch

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, on Monday, made a very interesting observation about where the progressive Democratic movement may do next. He drew attention to their aggressive whining over the Twitter takeover by Elon Musk. Now, Musk is no conservative beacon, but he is committed to freedom of the press, especially as it relates to social media. And he has made it clear that he will run content on that platform that runs counter to the narrative the Democrats would like displayed. 

But why the histrionics from Democrats about “the end of democracy in America” with Twitter becoming one of their examples? There’s got to be something more causing terror within the Left’s ranks.

You can also see their fear over CNN’s ongoing overhaul by their new captain Chris Licht. Are the Democrats thinking that they are losing control of the media and social media?

Some are saying that Democrats are “terrified of the truth,” so they will try to suppress it before it reveals who and what they are. 

Tucker Carlson suggested that Democrats and the liberal media are exploiting the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi because they want to call for censorship across all media and social media outlets. It will be their last-ditch effort to control the narrative.

Carlson said that without censorship, Democrats will have to fight to keep their control and their power. 

Carlson said on his show: “We’ve been watching this story all weekend with growing bewilderment. Last Friday morning, as you know, around 2:00 AM, police arrived at the home of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. It’s in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Inside the home, they found Pelosi’s 82- year-old husband, Paul, and another man, 40 years younger, called David DePape. Nancy Pelosi was out of town at the time.”

Carlson went on to share more facts about the incident and then actual statements made by the left trying the whole story to MAGA Republicans driven by right-wing conspiracies. 

He uses this case to expose their attempt to hide the real truth and portray their own storyline. If they can no longer do this, Carlson said the Democratic Party will “cease to exist.”