Fresh Off Canceling Dr. Suess The Woke Are Now Targeting Another American Classic

The woke successfully canceled Dr. Suess and are now targeting certain Looney Tunes cartoon characters. 

Charles Blow, a columnist for the New York Times is calling for the cartoon character Speedy Gonzales and Pepe Le Pew to be canceled because they are “racist” and contribute to “rape culture.” 

Blow was one of the woke activists behind the movement to cancel Dr. Suess. 

In the column, titled, “Six Seuss Books Bore a Bias,” Blow argued: “Racism must be exorcised from culture, including, or maybe especially, from children’s culture.”

From the New York Times:

As a child, I was led to believe that Blackness was inferior. And I was not alone. The Black society into which I was born was riddled with these beliefs.

It wasn’t something that most if any would articulate in that way, let alone knowingly propagate. Rather, it was in the air, in the culture. We had been trained in it, bathed in it, acculturated to hate ourselves.

It happened for children in the most inconspicuous of ways: It was relayed through toys and dolls, cartoons and children’s shows, fairy tales and children’s books.

Some of the first cartoons I can remember included Pepé Le Pew, who normalized rape culture; Speedy Gonzales, whose friends helped popularize the corrosive stereotype of the drunk and lethargic Mexicans; and Mammy Two Shoes, a heavyset Black maid who spoke in a heavy accent.

Blow doubled down on social media with a cartoon clip. 

If Blow wants to condemn Pepe Le Pew he should also call out former president Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, Andrew Cuomo, and Anthony Weiner for the same type of behavior. 

New York Times