Fun For Me But Not For Thee: Hollywood & Global Elite Flocking To Island To Party & Avoid COVID Restrictions

Just a one hour flight from Nairobi, Kenya is Lamu Island, there the global and Hollywood elite are flocking to party and avoid COVID restrictions. 

No one on the Island wears a mask, quarantine is not required and there is no coronavirus ICU’s on the island. In order to gain entry to the island all you need is a negative COVID test and the policy on the island has kept it almost entirely coronavirus free (you don’t say). 

The Island is paradise, white beaches, crystalline water, and palm trees. Rich elitist tired of lockdowns are migrating to the island to party, some have decided to move in permanently. 

From Airmail:

Visitors feed local donkeys carrots with great enthusiasm, some, such as Lola Bute, daughter of Cardiff Castle’s Marquess of Bute, constantly posting their Marrakech-style poses on Instagram—without tagging the location. (Plausible deniability.) There’s a certain fear of getting caught here, especially if you’re from Europe and your compatriots are weeks into their third lockdown.

Some of the most elite families are traveling to the island: 

Among those who own houses on the island are Nicholas Logsdail, O.B.E., owner of Lisson Gallery, and Chris Hanley, who produced Buffalo ’66 in 1998. Princess Caroline of Monaco built the renowned Beach House in Shela and restored three villas. Heiress Jemima Goldsmith and ex-husband Imran Khan, the current Pakistani prime minister, send their sons here. And Marina Abramović filmed Confession, a performance video where she tells a donkey her deepest secrets, on a beach near Shela.

The report from Airmail is very careful to not disclose the who’s who that are traveling to the island but they did note since the world’s major art fairs are shut down the island held their own and people from Europe and the USA came by the busloads. 

Reports show the island is so busy the largest hotel, Chateau Marmont, has hired two permanent employees at the airport to shuttle arriving guests into a boat that directs them straight to Shela Beach. 

These are the same elite that are pushing COVID lockdown policies, developing coronavirus vaccine passports, and want you to continue to wear a mask. But they have no problem secretly flocking to paradise while the rest of us suffer.