Rep. Matt Gaetz Won’t Be Intimidated He’s Helping Unearth A Massive Coverup

Republican Florida Representative Matt Gaetz is currently under investigation over sex trafficking allegations and some believe that it’s because he’s helping uncover a massive cover-up. 

Recently, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before the House Judiciary Committee were he faced several questions about the origins of the coronavirus. 

After the hearing, Gaetz told Real America’s Voice, “I am deeply concerned that the FBI had actionable intelligence that could have saved American lives, but that they ignored that intelligence. They didn’t act on it and they missed a very important call.”

Gaetz reported that a Chinese whistleblower had documents and text messages relating to COVID and US investigators didn’t pursue them. 

“The director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, said ‘Well, we never know what a counter-intelligence operation is.’ Why was Christopher Wray answering questions about coronavirus with responses that dealt with counter-intelligence?”

“What I think happens is that they missed this fact witness, this whistleblower, this person with not only a story to tell, but documents and text messages on WeChat that showed how early the Chinese communist party was aware that this was a deadly virus.

“And also the linkage that exists between the Chinese military, the development of this virus, its testing in the Wuhan Institute of virology and its ultimate release to the world.”

“I think the FBI could be very culpable here,” Gaetz added.’ We’re going to stay on them. The good news is that as a consequence of this hearing, we’re going to get back the scientific analysis, the scientific notes that the FBI science team put together as a consequence of these multi-hour meetings with Dr. Li-Meng Yan, but I’m concerned that they categorized her as a counterintelligence threat instead of the truth-telling whistleblower she is. And that that resulted in deaths that otherwise could have been avoided.”