George W. Bush and Donald Trump, Two Peas in a Pod…Who Would Have Guessed This Ironic Similarity?

Former presidents Donald Trump and George W. Bush make strange bedfellows. Neither of them has much good to say about the other. Trump clearly blamed Bush for creating the rise of Barack Obama, and he has been very critical of the Iraq War and the war in Afghanistan as a waste of American resources. 

On foreign policy, the two men could not be farther apart. George W. Supported a number of neoconservative projects around the world hoping to spread Democracy, and Trump trumpeted his America First narrative. 

Matt Vespa recently wrote an article for Townhall that described the ironic similarities between the two former presidents in their domestic policies. When you look at the tax policies, the two men have a very common thread. 

The Trump tax cuts created an unprecedented job-creating climate that saw a massive amount of companies generate massive profits and consumer confidence in small businesses peaked at historic highs. 

The Bush tax cuts led to 52 straight months of continued economic growth in the early days of his presidency. The Democratic Party hated both tax bills. But for all the anger that was stirred up by these tax policies, the Democrats ended up not repealing them.

President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law last month, but already, the Congressional Budget Office projects that the law will have zero impact on inflation. 

There is one surprise about the new tax law you won’t find in media headlines, the Democrats passed their own tax reform but left Trump’s 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act completely intact. This is after years of threatening to repeal it!

Just like his “mentor” Obama did with the Bush tax policy, Biden is likely to make Trump’s policy permanent. 

Trump and Bush, are two peas in a pod. Who would have guessed that?