Get Ready: After Failed Shadow Briefings, Biden Goes To Plan C And It’s A Doozy

This week Biden was a complete train wreck, his shadow briefings were supposed to eclipse the President to show America what a real President is like. Instead, he looked like Mr. Magoo, fumbling and bumbling here is his week in review.

In a mass email sent out on Wednesday Biden’s campaign feels that they have solved the problem, Biden is going to start a podcast.

During the impeach process Senator Ted Cruz quickly rose to have the most downloaded podcast in the country but, he was actually…you know…entertaining.

The new newsletter sent by the campaign has a text box at the top including a link for subscribers to give feedback. A caption read:

“This is our first of regular newsletters we will be sending around to Team Joe supporters from Vice President Biden. We hope you find this entertaining, informative, and a place to connect with the VP and our team.”

The rest of the newsletter includes Biden’s reading list, a donation tab, answers to questions submitted by voters, and coronavirus updates.

The last section was titled “What to expect from the campaign this week” and it included announcements of two upcoming events. One is a “Young Americans Roundtable” that will be a virtual discussion with Biden on the impact of the coronavirus.

The second is a podcast.

My team and I are working on a new podcast! It will be a program to share some more of my ideas and plans and to bring on some experts and people I’ve worked with in the White House. Look out for more information to subscribe and follow along!

I can hardly wait to hear Biden try to talk for at least an hour.

During the impeachment process Senator Ted Cruz had one of the most popular podcasts in the country, of course, he was actually entertaining.

It is becoming more and more apparent that it’s not just Biden that doesn’t have a clue, his campaign doesn’t either. What they are doing is throwing mud up against a wall and none of it is sticking. 

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