George Norcross Charged With Racketeering

Gather around because we’ve got a bombshell story coming out of New Jersey that’s making waves in the political world. A major player in the Democratic Party, George Norcross, is now facing serious charges, including racketeering.

George Norcross, a powerful businessman and influential Democrat, has been hit with charges related to government-issued tax credits. State Attorney General Matt Platkin announced that Norcross, along with several associates, used their political clout to secure property rights along the Camden waterfront. They allegedly raked in millions of dollars through state-backed tax credits.

The prosecutors paint a damning picture. They claim that Norcross and his crew manipulated New Jersey’s economic development legislation to suit their needs. Once the legislation was in place in September 2013, they allegedly extorted and coerced others to secure properties and the lucrative tax credits tied to them. It’s a classic tale of political influence gone rogue.

The indictment goes deeper, accusing Norcross of leading a criminal enterprise. The charges suggest that he and his associates threatened and intimidated others, causing economic and reputational damage to achieve their goals. This isn’t just a case of bending the rules; it’s about outright criminal activity to secure their gains.

Norcross isn’t alone in this legal storm. His brother Philip, a well-known lobbyist, lawyer Bill Tambussi, former Camden Mayor Dana Redd, Sidney Brown, the CFO of NFI trucking company, and northern New Jersey businessman John O’Donnell are also facing charges. This high-profile group shows just how far-reaching Norcross’s influence was.

Despite never holding elected office, George Norcross wielded immense power in New Jersey politics. He was a key figure in the state’s Democratic National Committee and had close ties with influential Democrats like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. His reach and connections made him a formidable force in political circles.

The allegations are shaking up the political landscape. Norcross’s fall from grace is a significant blow to the Democratic power structure in New Jersey. The legal battle ahead will undoubtedly draw immense attention and could have far-reaching implications.