Good Question About. Biden’s Speeches…How Is This Legal? Watch

The White House has been routinely editing transcripts of President Biden’s speeches to make him look more coherent, according to a new report.

The report, which was published by the Washington Free Beacon, found that the White House has made a number of changes to Biden’s transcripts, including removing pauses, correcting grammar, and even changing the meaning of some of his words.

For example, the report found that the White House removed a pause from a speech Biden gave in January in which he said, “We have to be able to get something done, get something done with this inflation.” The pause was removed because it made Biden’s speech sound more disjointed.

The report also found that the White House corrected grammar in Biden’s transcripts, such as changing “they’re” to “their” and “I’m” to “I am.”

Here’s a slew of examples from official transcripts just this month, found on the website.

“Last summer, I had the honor of bestowing the Presidential Meda- — Medal of Freemon [sic] — Freedom on distinguished Americans …” (June 16, 2023).

“And I’m pleased we’re also joined by x-pay [sic] — xBk, a small venue in Des Moines, Iowa, that’s going be using all upfront pricing for its hundred events at — a year as well …” (June 15, 2023).

“Let me tell you, the Inflation Reduction Act includes $369 billion to comat [sic] — combat climate change …” (June 14, 2023).

“We made clear — they made clear that we’d rather th- — they’d rather threaten the default of the U.S. economy than cut or get rid of, for example, $30 billion in taxpayer subsidies to oil companies who made $200 million [sic] last year — billion. I said ‘million.’ Billion dollars last year …” (June 14, 2023).

“… transgester [sic] Americans — transgender Americans serving in the United States military …” (June 10, 2023)
“This could have been the week that a catastrophic — catastrophic devault [sic] — default happened …” (June 6, 2023).

The report’s findings have raised concerns about the White House’s transparency and its willingness to manipulate the public record.

“This is a clear attempt to mislead the American people,” said one critic. “The White House is trying to make Biden look more coherent than he really is.”

Another critic said that the White House’s actions are a “disgrace.”

“The White House is supposed to be the most transparent administration in history,” the critic said. “But instead, they’re trying to hide Biden’s gaffes.”

The White House has defended its editing of Biden’s transcripts, saying that it is simply trying to make sure that the transcripts are accurate.

“We are simply correcting errors in the transcripts,” said a White House spokesperson. “We are not trying to mislead anyone.”