GOP Insider Predicts Trump Will Declare Early to Keep DeSantis Out of the Race

Scott Jennings, a contributor for CNN and a GOP consultant, has predicted that former President Donald Trump will announce an early presidential bid for the 2024 election so that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won’t. 

Jennings has watched Gov. DeSantis increase in popularity, especially among conservatives across the nation. He said that the Florida governor is Trump-like, but he doesn’t not carry the same baggage that Trump carries. 

“I definitely think there are a lot of Republicans out there who voted for Donald Trump twice, maybe gave him money, wanted to see him succeed who know we cannot drag the country and the party through this again in 2024, that he’s the least likely Republican to have a chance to win the White House … And they see someone like Desantis who gives you all of the fight and all of the policy without all the baggage and worse that came with Jan. 6 that Donald Trump will bring,” Jennings said.

Jennings was asked by CNN host Kasie Hunt if notable Republicans will vote for DeSantis even if that means that Trump would be angered. Jennings said that we would have to see and he said that DeSantis was more viable to not only win the GOP primary but the general election as well. 

“I think there are other people, Tim Scott I’m very fond of, as well and Nikki Haley and others … There’s a big field and any of them would be a better choice,” Jennings said. 

Elon Musk chimed in on the topic as well: “Trump would be 82 at end of term, which is too old to be chief executive of anything, let alone the United States of America. If DeSantis runs against Biden in 2024, then DeSantis will easily win – he doesn’t even need to campaign.”