GOP Lawmakers Are Done Playing Games, Strip Power From Democrat Secretary of State

State Legislators aren’t messing around and have passed a measure to strip a Democrat Secretary of State. 

The bill passed overwhelmingly in the Arizona state House and Senate, it would transfer election powers to defend lawsuits from the Secretary of State to the Attorney General’s Office. 

The measure was introduced after Hobbs began filing a blitzkrieg of ethics complaints to the State Bar against Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich and his upper staff. 

“I don’t know what’s more political than the secretary of state submitting charges against almost the entire upper echelon of the attorney general,” Sen. Vince Leach, R-Tucson said.

“I would say the unprecedented attack on the attorney general, the chief deputy and many high-level attorneys is uncalled for,” Leach said. “This is really disconcerting and should be disconcerting to the people of Arizona.”

“She’s the one acting politically,” added Sen. David Livingston, R-Peoria.

Hobbs whined about it on social media claiming, Brnovich is acting unethically and “frequently sought to substitute his judgment for my own and allowed his political preferences to interfere with his obligation to represent me as a client, in my pursuit of the best interests of Arizona voters. Unfortunately, it appears that AG Brnovich isn’t asking forgiveness for his behavior — he’s asking our legislature to authorize it.”

The bill couldn’t have been passed at a better time. 

Recently the Department of Justice warned of a lawsuit if they don’t like the results of the  ballot audit. Once the measure is signed by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey the Attorney General’s office will defend the suit not the Democrat Secretary of State. 

State lawmakers in Arizona seem to be preparing for battle however, they have not publicly released any findings they’ve discovered. Auditors recently announced that the examination of paper ballots has been completed.

The results of the ballot audit are expected to be released in August of 2021. | Yahoo News | Business Insider