GOP Senators Release Never Before Seen Real Time Footage Of Trip To The Border Expose The Severity Of Biden’s Crisis

The 18 GOP Republican Senators that traveled to the border just realsed real time footage of their trip to the border and expose how Biden’s “age 6” policy is part of the crisis at the border.

Senator Dan Sullivan stood in front of a group of migrants that were recently apprehended and noted that all adults in the group were with a minor that was under the age of six. The reason for this is because Biden announced he would not deport anyone who was with a minor six and under.

The surge at the border caused by the Biden Administration is undeniable and the President or his Vice President don’t seem to care.

During an appearance Senator Lindsey Graham explained how Biden’s immigration policy is going to make the surge at the border even worse.

Senator Ted Cruz released a damning video showing how Joe Biden has left our southern border unprotected.

Biden has caused a humanitarian disaster.