Got Him! Video Shows Bloomberg Gushing Over Then President Elect Trump

Another new video has surfaced of Mike Bloomberg who is the former mayor of New York City and hoping to be the Democratic presidential nominee of him gushing over then President-elect Trump in 2016.

Bloomberg was in a conversation with a crowd at the University of Oxford’s Business School in December 2016 about one month after President Trump was elected.

Bloomberg made reference to his close relationship with then President-Elect Trump and even mentioned that he once told Trump, “Yes Donald, I do love you.”

Mini Mike explained that he made those comments after remarks President Trump had made during a September 11 memorial service.

“I saw your speech in Philadelphia,” Trump told Bloomberg at the time, which appeared to be a reference to the mayor’s speech at the Democratic National Convention that took aim at his fellow billionaire.

“But you really do love me, don’t ya?” Trump asked, according to Bloomberg’s iteration of the interaction.” And I said, “Yes, Donald, I do love you, I just disagree with everything you’ve ever said.”

“And we had a good laugh,” Bloomberg continued in the light-hearted retelling. “If you’ve sat and had dinner with Donald Trump, you’d probably walk away saying everything he just said is bullshit, he can’t be doing that. But you have a good time,” he conceded. “He is socially a nice person. Will he be a good president? I hope so. Because we desperately need leadership in the country and the world.”

During the conversation, Bloomberg also supported President Trump for getting rid of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Now Bloomberg is trying to distance himself from President Trump and has spent an enormous amount of his own cash to blow out competition in the Democratic primary.

Other candidates are not happy and have started to compare him to President Trump.

Daily Mail