Gov. DeSantis Newest Move Has The Left Freaking Out, He Single Handily Just Neutered The CDC

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is on a winning street and he is neutering the CDC.

DeSantis has gone after Big Tech, kept Florida open, put together a great vaccination program, fought against Critical Race Theory, and now he neutered the CDC.

Florida is a big hub for Cruise Ships however, cruise lines have been lobbying for the CDC to allow them to operate without masks. A compromise was reached and some cruise lines decided that they would use vaccine passports and only allow those vaccinated to travel.

DeSantis announced over the weekend that he will fine any cruise line that operates in Florida requiring a vaccine passport $5,000 a person. The announcement neuters CDC guidelines surrounding cruise ships mandating that if 95% of a cruise ship is vaccinated passengers don’t need to wear masks. Cruise ships that dock in Florida aren’t going to be able to check meaning they are going to have to risk the fallout of forcing people to wear masks or just go with it.

The Left in their typical fashion freaked out claiming Gov. DeSantis wants people “to get sick.”

How many times over the last year have we heard this?

DeSantis understands the slippery slope once vaccine passports are implemented.

This isn’t just happening in the USA, over the weekend in the UK there were massive protests ignored by the media against vaccine passports forcing the government to drop the program.

The next day the government relented the vaccine passport system.

Lastly, an image from the city of Baltimore, Maryland Department of Health was ridiculed and it shows just how out of touch the Left is. I guess nobody told them the “unvaxxed” have been living like the “fully vaxxed” since last summer.