Governor Gets Caught Flat Out Lying About COVID-19 Warning Then CNN Censors Host To Spread Lie

This is what we are up against. The governor of Lousiana appeared on CNN and was taken to task by CNN’s Jake Tapper over his response to the coronavirus outbreak. However, unless you watched the show you would never know it. The only thing posted by the network was Gov. John Bel Edwards of Louisiana lying.

Tapper was questioning Edwards decision not to cancel Mardi Gras, Edwards said, “There was not a single suggestion by anyone, a doctor, a scientist, a political figure that we needed to cancel Mardi Gras,” Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards says. “Rather than look back, I am focused on today and going forward.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper called out Edwards reminding him that he attended a briefing in Washington DC and was conducted by Dr. Fauci and the head of the CDC on February 9th. Tapper reminded the Governor that Governor Larry Hogan (MD) said that the same information was given to them during the briefing that is being given now and yet he still decided to allow Mardi Gras to continue on February 25th. Tapper also took heat for calling out the Governor.

One would imagine that CNN would post the entire exchange to hold our leaders accountable for such a reckless decision but, no. All CNN did was post the quote of the Governor claiming that no one warned him about the coronavirus in an effort to spread lies and misinformation. As of the writing of this post, there is no video of the exchange except for Tapper’s explanation after he was criticized, the only news posted from CNN was the below quote.