Governor Thumbs Nose At Protesters & Extends Stay At Home Order

As a massive amount of protestors gathered at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg, the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf extended the state at home order.

The previous stay at home order in Pennsylvania was to expire on April 30th and has been extended to May 8th. However, the Governor stated that just because the stay at home order ends on May 8th doesn’t mean the state would be opening up. He only would commit that construction projects will be able to continue.

The Governor is opening pa state liquor stores to allow curbside pickup and said that he is going to sign a bill to allow online car sales. In fairness, Wolf has been one of the few Democrat governors to keep churches an essential service while shutting down liquor stores. 

“You must only travel, if needed, for businesses that are open,” Wolf said. “We’ve implemented guidance to protect employees and customers, all that stays in place, but we also need to all have hope that we’re going to be able to soon resume many of the activities that have come to a halt.

“Even if, when we resume those activities they’re in a different form, we need to have the hope that Pennsylvania’s economy will soon bounce back and be strong again. We need to have hope that we’ll soon be able to be with the loved ones we haven’t seen personally in six weeks.”

Depending on which region you live in some Pennsylvania’s have been under a stay at home order for six weeks, the extension will lengthen that to eight total weeks, which is the most in the nation. 

The Governor has thumbed his nose at hundreds of protestors that want the state to open up May 1st.

“We are Pennsylvanian residents and business owners that stand for our rights and freedoms. We demand our officials re-open PA on May 1, 2020,” Reopen Pennsylvania’s Facebook page reads:

Our small businesses, the very backbone of our communities, are being choked out by forced closure, moved goal posts, and empty promises. The shut down is a extraordinary overreach of power by our government, is unnecessary, and is not sustainable

The Governor of Michigan has also threatened to extend her stay at home order because of protestors.

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