Graham Comments On Biden Strikes

Another day, another failed foreign policy move by the Biden administration. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) did not hold back in his scathing criticism of President Joe Biden’s recent strikes against Iranian-backed terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. Graham, appearing on Fox News Sunday, mocked Biden for the ineffectiveness of the strikes, which came a week after three U.S. soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack on a U.S. base in Jordan.

But wait, wasn’t Biden supposed to be the “peaceful” president? The one who promised to restore America’s standing on the world stage? Well, it looks like it’s all bark and no bite. Under the Trump administration, the Iranians were at their weakest, but now, thanks to Biden’s lifting of sanctions and unfreezing of billions of dollars in assets, they are the strongest and most provocative they’ve ever been. Good job, Joe.

Graham didn’t hold back in his takedown of the Biden administration’s foreign policy failures. “We need to hit something that the Ayatollah values,” he said, clearly frustrated with the lack of action taken against Iran. He suggested targeting their oil infrastructure, which could be easily done without manned aircraft, but would still send a powerful message to Iran. But let’s not get our hopes up, after all, the Iranians have been laughing in the face of Biden’s weak approach to foreign policy.

And let’s not forget, our brave American troops are in harm’s way. If the goal of these strikes is to deter Iran, then they are failing miserably. And if the goal is to protect our troops, well, that’s not exactly happening either. The Iranians are not afraid of us. They were afraid of President Trump, but now they see Biden’s weak approach and are emboldened. Way to go, Joe.

But fear not, dear readers. Senator Graham has a solution. We need to change our policy. Our current approach of hitting hundreds of irrelevant targets is not working. As Graham put it, “The only Iranian we killed in Syria or Iraq is some dumba*s that didn’t know to get out of the way.” Ouch. But really, what was the point of giving them a week’s notice before the strikes? It’s like giving your enemy a heads-up before throwing a punch.

So, if there are more strikes to come, Graham hopes they will actually have an impact. He suggests hitting Iran where it hurts the most – in their pocketbook or by taking out their leadership. Because let’s face it, if we don’t make a significant move against Iran, nothing will change. They will continue to be the bullies on the playground, while Biden fumbles around trying to appease them.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Biden administration has no clue how to handle foreign policy. They are weak, indecisive, and constantly playing catch-up or freely letting terrorists into our country. President Trump had the Iranians on their toes, but now they see the opportunity to push us around and they are taking it. It’s time for Biden to step up and show some backbone. Enough with the empty threats and ineffective strikes.

In the meantime, let’s just hope and pray that our men and women in uniform remain safe as they carry out their duty. The last thing we need is for their lives to be put in danger because of Biden’s failed policies. It’s time for a change in our approach to Iran before it’s too late. As Senator Graham said, “If you don’t, nothing changes.”