Biden Official Caught With Their Hands In The Cookie Jar, Would Make Millions Off Infrastructure Bill

A Biden official has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Should the Biden Administration passes their infrastructure plan Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is set to make a bunch of money. 

Earlier this year, Biden took a virtual tour of Proterra, a company Granholm holds millions of dollars in stock options and was a member of the board. While on tour Biden applauded the employees and the CEO for their work. 

“Chairman, let me say something quickly to you. The fact is you’re making me look good,” Biden said. “I used to have a friend that said it’s always great to do well and do good — you’re doing both pal. You really are.”

There are several electric vehicle companies in the USA however, the Administration only seems to be touring companies that surround Proterra. Vice President Kamala Harris toured a partner of Proterra, follow by the companies CEO attending a session at Biden’s US climate summit. 

The Biden Administrations ethics are being questioned because they promoted the electronic cars company publicly which increased the companies value coincidently just as they plan to go public. 

“Proterra was selected for the virtual visit that day because it is the leading U.S. manufacturer of electric buses, employing 600 workers at its South Carolina and California plants,” a senior administration official said of Biden’s visit. “Neither Secretary Granholm nor the Department of Energy were involved in selecting the Proterra plant.”

Jonathan Macey, a professor of corporate law at Yale Law School admitted that Biden’s visit did a huge favor for anyone who has a vested interest in the company, “that’s like money in the bank,” he said. 

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY), is calling for an investigation into any conflicts of interest between Granholm and Proterra. 

Let’s be honest if this was a member of the Trump Administration they would have been forced to resign by now.