Group of Staffer Published Letter

A group of staffers working on President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign have raised red flags over the administration’s handling of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip. In an anonymous letter published on Medium, these campaign members highlighted concerns over the president’s policies and warned that his volunteers are quitting “in droves” over the issue.

The letter, addressed to President Biden, criticized his response to the surprise Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7th, which resulted in the deaths of about 1,200 people and left nearly 240 hostages, including some Americans. The group expressed their devastation over the attack and acknowledged its impact on the country’s conscience. However, they also raised concerns over the subsequent killing of 20,000 Palestinian civilians in Israel’s retaliatory air and ground offensive.

Citing a recent poll published by The New York Times, the campaigners pointed out that a majority of Democratic voters (64 percent) believe that Israel should “stop its military campaign in order to protect against civilian casualties, even if Hamas has not been fully eliminated.” This sentiment was even higher among voters under the age of 30, a key demographic for the Democratic party.

The campaign staffers went on to highlight the impact of the conflict on Biden’s chances for reelection. They claimed that volunteers are quitting in droves, and long-time Democratic voters feel uncertain about supporting the party for the first time ever because of the administration’s handling of the conflict. This is a concerning trend, especially among the younger generation, who traditionally vote blue.

The letter emphasized that it is not enough for President Biden to just be the alternative to former President Donald Trump. The campaign needs to shift the feeling in the pits of voters’ stomachs, and the only way to do that is by calling for a ceasefire. The group cited Biden’s own words that silence in the face of human rights violations is complicity and urged him to take action.

The campaign staffers pleaded with President Biden to use his influence to call for a ceasefire, stressing that every minute that passes without it is another life lost. They also highlighted the impact of this conflict on the voters’ perception of the administration and the need to address it promptly.

The letter concluded by urging President Biden to uphold his campaign promises of championing human rights and social justice and to take action to end the bloodshed in the Gaza Strip. It ended by imploring the president to consider the impact of his policies on the lives of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire and to not let silence be seen as complicity in this crisis.

It seems Joe Biden’s own staff have turned on him faster than he can recite his own name. While the president struggles to juggle the escalating tensions in the Middle East, his own volunteers are packing their bags and bidding adieu to Team Biden. Looks like even the “woke” generation is starting to question their loyalty to the man in the White House.