Hackers Unleash 3rd Attack But Biden Is More Worried About Using Budget To Erase The Term ‘Mother’

Sixty members of Congress from both parties have fallen victim to a third ransomeware attack but Biden seems to be more occupied with replacing the term “mother.” 

Congressional members in the House that use iConstituent, a tech vendor that helps with outreach services are unable to access their data due to a cyberattack. 

This is the third known major cyberattack since Biden has taken office and the administration doesn’t seem to have a clue on how to stop them. 

The Office of the Chief Administrative Office that handles IT said, “the CAO is not aware of any impact to House data. The CAO is coordinating with the impacted offices supported by iConstituent and has taken measures to ensure that the attack does not affect the House network and offices’ data.”

Instead of focusing on attacks that are crippling the United States Biden is more focused on official replacing the term “mother.” 

In an effort to reduce “maternal mortality rate and end race-based disparities in maternal mortality” the Biden Administration is using the term “birthing people.” 

We have a border crisis, a labor shortage, exorbitant gas prices, cyber attacks on our infrastructure and Biden is focusing changing language to “birthing people.” 

What’s ironic is when you read the portion in the budget they still include the term “maternal.” 



Never mind the fact that a record 9.3 million job openings are unfilled thanks to Joe Biden’s labor shortage.

Biden is turning America into a clown show.