Haley’s China Warning: Biden ‘Asleep at the Wheel’

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has warned that China has already infiltrated America and that President Biden is “asleep at the wheel.”

Haley joined former Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon on her podcast Wednesday to discuss multiple issues from the border crisis to foreign policy. Dixon asked the presidential candidate what she thought of President Joe Biden saying last week that he wanted to “see China succeed economically.”

“China is an enemy,” Haley said. “They’ve been preparing for war with us for years. It is unbelievable to me how weak in the knees Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are when it comes to China. This is not a country [that] just talks about not liking America — this is a country that has already infiltrated America.”

Haley told Dixon that China is already threatening the U.S. homeland by buying up U.S. land, putting millions of dollars into American universities, and stealing research while spreading Chinese propaganda.

“China is not playing. The problem is Joe Biden is asleep at the wheel, and [Vice] President Kamala Harris won’t even know what to do this” Haley said. “We need to wake up and see [China] for the enemy that they are.”

Haley criticized both Biden and Trump on another foreign policy issue when she said Biden was too weak and Trump was too friendly toward U.S. nemesis North Korea. Her comments came as news of a meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jon Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin had just broken. The two leaders held a summit Wednesday where they discussed military cooperation.

“The Kim-Putin partnership is another sign that the dictators of the world are united,” Haley said in a statement Tuesday. “The tyrants who lead China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea hate America and our values. We must take their threats seriously. Neither Joe Biden’s weakness nor Donald Trump’s friendliness to Kim have changed North Korea’s direction for the better. These dictators only understand strength.”