DHS Prepping For Another Massive Wave Of Migrants After VP Harris Ignores Biden Order

Vice President Kamala Harris has sidestepped  Biden’s order.

On March 24, 2021 during a televised statement, Biden selected Harris to supervise the crisis caused by their Administration at our southern border.

“The Vice President … agreed to lead our diplomatic effort and work with those nations to accept returnees and enhance migration enforcement at their borders — at their borders,” Biden said.

The Vice President’s Office has decided to redefine Biden’s order when Symone Sanders, Harris’s press secretary said, “The president asked the vice president to take on the diplomatic effort, with Mexico and countries in the northern triangle to address the root causes of migration,” she said. “There are many reasons that move these folks to make this dangerous journey.”

Sanders left out Biden’s order to enhance migration enforcement.

“This is an amazing dismissal by a vice president of her president in a very public fashion,” said Ken Cuccinelli, who served as deputy homeland security chief under President Donald Trump. “I cannot ever remember seeing this happen before.”

According to Biden Harris was supposed to do more than just “take on the diplomatic effort.”

Below is a more detailed excerpt of Biden order he made on television:

“It’s our responsibility to deal with [the migration], humanely, and to in to stop what’s happening. So this [migration] increase has been consequential, but the Vice President has agreed …  —  and I appreciate it — agreed to lead our diplomatic effort and work with those nations to accept the returnees, and enhance migration enforcement at their borders, and their borders.” [We added the bold for emphasis]

To which Harris replied:

“Well, thank you Mr. President and for having the confidence in me, and there’s no question that this is a challenging situation.”

Meanwhile, the border crisis is getting worse and DHS and preparing for another huge wave of migrants.

DHS is preparing more facilities because 42 million people south of Texas have expressed they wish to enter the USA in a March 24, 2021 report from Jim Clifton, chairman of the Gallup polling company.

So far plans from the Administration detail how they will handle the influx, not how they will prevent it.

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