Has AOC Lost Her Crown? She’s Getting Booed and Reacting Strangely – Watch

She was once the darling of the progressive left, and you better not say anything critical of her, or you would pay for it. The whole Democratic Party either feared her or thought they had to copy her. 

But now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) seems to have waned in her popularity, authority and stature. The young socialist lawmaker doesn’t seem to be able to pull off a town hall without it being crashed with protesters. 

AOC was confronted at a town hall meeting this week again, and as people were chanting against her, she was dancing to their beat. She changed the way she talked and took on a very heavy accent when she tried to get the crowd to calm down. She seemed frazzled and at a loss on how to handle those in dissent. 

It is not clear whether those against AOC are part of an organization or if it is a grassroots movement rebelling against the socialist principles she espouses. But the tables are definitely turning on her and the way she is responding is just strange. 

In the past, she has gotten flustered and offered up a jumbled salad of words that don’t make sense. 

The real question is if this is a sign of something more substantial shifting on the left. There’s no doubt that AOC has a people and will have a people that don’t like the values of a democracy. But maybe, a lot of the authority she seemed to carry is waning and she’s lost some of her novelty. 

What is clear is the effect that she is having on her district. Certainly she is making fewer and fewer friends from her home region.

The princess of young politicians is declining and the squad she represents is going with her. She doesn’t have pragmatism in her favor, so her policies are doomed to failure.