Has Pelosi Given Up Hope for the Midterms? Is She Eyeing Her Next Position?

Is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi already making plans for her next job when the Republicans retake the House after the November midterm elections? Maybe all the fight has been drained out of this woke politician, and she’s ready for some rest far from the fray.

The Democrat from California wants President Biden to appoint her as the next U.S. ambassador to Italy, according to a report from Fox News. This position was supposedly filled with Stephen Robert in February. There was an announcement made that he was nominated, but the position remains open. 

To date, there have been 101 Biden ambassador nominees that have been confirmed by the Senate. But President Biden has been slow to name ambassadors to several countries, including Italy. 

A total of 27 percent of the 194 ambassador positions currently do not have a Senate-confirmed official. And it is not unusual for presidents to reserve the most wanted locations for people who have helped establish them in the White House. Often they are given to political operatives or big donors. 

“I’m told she wants the job and Joe Biden is saving the seat for her. We’ll have to wait and see,” Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo said.

Pelosi spent two weeks in Italy in July while Congress was in recess. She stayed at the Alpemare Beach Club in Forte Dei Marmi. It was during this stay at the lush club that speculation mounted about the possibility of the ambassadorship. 

Italy is the only G-7 country that doesn’t have a U.S. ambassador. One Italian source that is in the know told Global Insider that it was “simply absurd and self-defeating for Washington” to have no one there. 

Nancy has a history of getting what she wants, and she may have already given up hope that she will keep her position as House Speaker. 

There’s a bunch of us who wouldn’t mind sending her across the ocean.