Banks Are Freaking Out & Report Biden Downplaying The Pain He’s About To Cause Americans

Biden is Carter 2.0 and his policies are about to bring about soaring prices we haven’t seen since the Carter administration. 

The Biden administration is claiming that looming inflation is “transitory” but bankers are fools and they are starting to panic. 

JPMorgan has admitted that there is an increasing amount signs that show inflation is going to spike “even if those measures are not captured by official government releases.” 

Despite JPMorgan being on the Biden “transitory” train, one of their strategist Andrew Tyler admitted that pain is coming and “that we’ll see inflation expectations continue to move higher over the summer, as we see improving macro data (NFP, CPI, PPI, and Retail Sales the most topical).”

Tyler believes the “biggest questions is how long this persists” and signals commodities (like oil) are going to go through the roof. 

Goldman went a step further and used a term that plagued the Carter administration, “stagflation.” Chris Husey, analysts for Goldman pointed out we are headed into “a combination of slowing growth and rising inflation (stagflation).” 

Bank of America also shook up a lot of people after the bank’s strategist Savita Subramanian warned that the US is facing “transitory hyperinflation.” 

After just being office a little over 100 days the Biden administration has manage to flip the US economy 180 degrees. Despite the pandemic President Trump had things moving in the right direction but now with Biden in charge it’s look like we are headed into the pain of the Carter administration. 

Analysts haven’t even figured in the negative effects of Biden’s infrastructure plans that could make everything even worse. 

The mainstream media can try to cover up as much as they want but they are going to have a hell of time explaining why it costs $8 for a gallon of milk. 

There was a man that used to travel the country warning us about this, but a lot of people failed to listen. 

Zero Hedge