Here It Comes: County Wants ‘Gun Confiscation Team’

Here it comes! One county in California wants a “gun confiscation team.”

According to the San Fransico Gate a proposal has gone forward by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors to handle gun confiscation. The report claims the team will “only” be applied when people have restraining orders or temporary protection orders taken out against them.

The San Francisco Gate reports:

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will consider funding a new team specifically aimed at getting guns out of violent hands.

Board president Cindy Chavez will introduce a proposal to earmark nearly $430,000 to support a “gun team” tasked with removing guns from repeated domestic abusers and people with temporary restraining orders against them.

“It is a lethal combination where there’s a case involving domestic violence and a court order to remove a gun from a person with a restraining order against them, particularly if it’s not enforced,” Chavez said during a Monday news conference.

The county claims they are going to pay for the team by using federal grant money.

County general fund money would pay for a new criminal investigator and attorney for the county gun team. Several other positions would be funded by grants from the Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative.

The current procedure in California is that if you are served with a restraining order or a temporary protection order the law enforcement officer does not take your firearm. The person served is required to turn the firearm(s) into police, sell them, or store them with a licensed firearms dealer.

What a great way to hide a reason to form a “gun confiscation team,” why not start enforcing the many restrictive gun laws the state already has. Just how is a person supposed to get his or her gun back?

The former Marine in Florida went through hell to get his guns back after an error.

Gun confiscation is a slippery slope, sure it starts with people that have had a restraining order placed against them but, what happens next?

San Francisco Gate